Video Contributions 2021

The video contributions to WWDOGA 2021 can be viewed here, the playlist of all videos is linked at the bottom of the page.
Most of the contributions are provided with German or English subtitles. Please use the corresponding settings (gearwheel) on YouTube.

Greetings Ulrike Bahr, MdB
Rapporteur for child and youth welfare of the Social Democratic Parliamentary Group (Germany)

„The business with the foreskin“ – Live-Diskussion
with Dr. Bernhard Stier, Dr. Wolfgang Bühmann, Prof. Dr. Matthias Franz,
Volker Handke & Gunter Neubauer (Mod. Victor Schiering), Germany

News from Australia Part 1 - Social Media Activities
Foreskin Revolution (Damien Williams, Kevin Barrett, Michael Winnel)

Katja Keul, MdB – Live Talk
Spokeswoman for legal policy of the Parliamentary Group of the Green Party (Germany)

News from Australia Part 2 – Darbon Institute
Michael Winnel and Tim Arkell

"Wir bleiben am Ball!" - Lobby for Girls e.V. (Germany)

„Circumcision in Medicine and Islamic Culture & Religion“ / Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque Berlin
Talk with Seyran AteĊŸ & Prof. Mohamed Fahmy, pediatric surgeon (Germany/Turkey/Egypt/)

Landearbeitsgemeinschaft Jungen*- und Männer*arbeit Bayern e.V.
Statement Matthias Becker, 1. Chairman

„How Circumcision became Big Politics in Denmark“
Live-Talk with Lena Nyhus (Intact Denmark)

Men do complain
Statement Richard Duncker (UK)

„A is for Alex - A Mother‘s Heartbreak Following Her Son‘s Suicide“
Live-Talk 15 Square (UK)

Statement - Partei der Humanisten Maria Krause
Vice-Chairwoman (Germany)

Live-Interview: „FGM and how to face it“
Prof. Dr. Godula Kosack, Chairwoman Terre des Femmes e.V. (Germany)

Jungs e.V. / Statement Sven Leimkühler

Live-Talk Atheist Refugee Relief e.V.
with Lilith Lilith Khannum, Rana Ahmad & Stefan Paintner

Projekt 100% MENSCH Live-Talk Holger Edmaier and Lucie Veith

Interview with Rainworker Margaret Bachlechner about FGM (Kenya/Austria)
Aktion Regen Wien

Live-Talk: Legal Situations in Germany
with Prof. Dr. Christoph Mandla (Germany)

Intact Norden: Live News aus den Nordischen Ländern
mit Johan Nyman

„None of us is here voluntarily“ – Live-Diskussion
with Ephraim Seidenberg, Manasseh Seidenberg, Muhammet Savci,
Alexander Bachl & Victor Schiering (Deutschland/Schweiz)

Live-Talk 15 Square: „Legal affairs“
Prof. Peter Adler, David Smith, Jason Metters (USA/UK)

Live from Israel: „Circumcision in Israel“
Ronit Tamir (KAHAL) and guests

Live-Präsentation Intaction 
Anthony Losquadro (USA)

"Helping Victims Heal: Regenerating The Foreskin & Psychological Healing Work"
Jordan Arel, Foregen (USA)

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