Genital autonomy in arts

"Art is a daughter of freedom" - wrote Friedrich Schiller, who thus understood the theater not least as a medium for firing up political debates and himself in his artistic work as a pioneer in the realization of social change. And as much as artistic forms of expression are restricted in their freedom by anti-democratic systems (for example, through censorship or bans on the performance of individual works) or banned (as is currently the case in Afghanistan, among other places), they have always found a way to survive and to be able to celebrate a comeback again and again after long periods of restrictions. Art never tired of pointing out social grievances, and the stricter the censorship became, the more creatively art always wriggled out and yet remained indestructible at its core.

An art that wants more than to fulfill mainstream needs and entertain its audience requires courage. Especially when it deals with socially taboo topics. The galleries on this website present works on the theme of genital self-determination. With the desire to appreciate them in their quantity and diversity and to encourage artists from all over the world who take on such topics not to let their artistic freedom be taken away.

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